Listening to the Wisper

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Do you daydream about owning your own business? Or, do get "nudges" in your life that are begging you to do something?

One of my clients, Josefina, felt the pull to do something different for work. She faced burnout. She loved being busy but was not fulfilled, the work was draining. She longed for a career that helped people.

Her friends and family often turned to Josefina for professional support. And, it was through supporting them, she found the connection and resourcefulness she thrives on. It was late-2020 when a friend said, "Josefina, you need to turn this into a business, reach out to Amanda".

And so began her transition to self-employment.

I am now supporting Josefina in launching her business with a ramp up towards full-time by 2022. We are digging deep into what she wants from her business and how it can scale in a way that brings her financial stability while providing the lifestyle she craves.

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