• Amanda Bedell

Is it time for a consultant?

Updated: Jul 17

I’ve been smack dab in the middle of the fire as a business owner. My business was a retail brick and mortar and wholesale and that came with a slew of worries about personnel issues, will this person show up today, or resolving conflicts, and evaluating job performances. Thoughts then shifted to, is our website is updated? Have we been doing social media right? Are we posting enough? Then it's thinking about did the inventory come in? What happened to the returns from last night? What did production do yesterday and are we going to make it through today?

As you know, that's just the beginning. Concerns are always lingering about payroll. Are we going to breakeven this quarter? How can we increase sales? We need more customers? But, how can a grow when I’m already stretched so thin?

This is where my work can help you. We can work on all aspects of your business to make it work for you and get it to the next level.




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