My favorite projects include a combination of the categories below. Every client receives a comprehensive and unique proposal.

Public Relations Campaign

corporate, non-profit

 -- messaging

 -- talking points

 -- press releases, media alerts

 -- media outreach

 -- media training

 -- grassroots outreach

 -- tracking & reporting

Workshops & Panels

Planning to Succeed from the Inside Out

-- organizational risk assessment, communication and decision making assessment, mission and vision work, audience identification work.

Audience & Community Development

-- deeper dive into identifying target audiences, fine tuning messages, and community (partnership) identification and engagement.

Panel Discussions

-- curate and lead panel discussions on topics including media, public relations, influencer marketing, small business, leadership tactics, and more.

Project or Product Launch

consumer products, B2B services, film, book, album releases

 -- marketing & public relations plan & execution 

--  public appearance tour coordination: pitch media and public event appearances, coordinate schedule, accommodations, travel

--  advertising plan & execution

--  event specific social media support

--  tour documentation photo/video support

--  messaging: talking points, FAQs, media training, etc.

--  tracking & reporting


brand development and refinement

 -- organization mission & vision

 -- customer value proposition

 -- market position & growth opportunities

 -- design support

 -- company style guide

Business Start-up

support in all aspects of new business

 -- business plan support

 -- brand & target market refinement

 -- marketing & sales strategy

 -- digital & social media plan

 -- internal communications strategy & culture

 -- partnership support: evaluation & scope of work




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