Bedell Communications and Business Consulting merges extensive knowledge of communications and marketing with a love of business. We intimately understand the joys and challenges associated with starting and growing a small business. Our team has a unique approach that will increase your customers' satisfaction and impact your bottom line.

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible.Thank you for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.” Former client Donna Lynn, Psychology Private Practice

“Amanda is hands-down the best publicist I’ve worked with in more than 20 years in the marketing field. She packs a one-two punch of strategy and tenacity when planning and implementing PR campaigns – this blended with an authenticity and originality in managing relationships with press of all kinds makes for a winning combination. ” 

Terri Hiroshima, arts advocate and VP of Marketing at University of Washington

"Thank you! The content was great. The ability to get out of my head and work on my project was invaluable - really interesting and exhilarating topics.


Having this group of people together in the room talking about common problems we face and sharing strategies is powerful - because it is also about our common values and triumphs which is evident in the sense of community in the room and in the passion and support that comes easily for each others' projects." Workshop Participant




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